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Ross Dawson is a globally recognized strategy advisor and business consultant. He works with top executives and project teams as a strategy leader and has deep expertise in facilitating strategic thinking among executive teams.

He is also a global leading keynote speaker on strategy and the future of business.

See more on Ross Dawson’s keynote speaking topics, including general strategy topics such as strategy reinvention, the future of work and organizations, the power of innovation, and platform strategy, as well as industry-specific strategy keynotes for domains including financial services, professional services, technology, media, retail, and healthcare, as well as keynote speaking videos.

See more about how Ross Dawson helps executives and organizations to develop effective strategies in a rapidly changing world.

Executive briefings


Ross Dawson very regularly provides boards and senior executive teams with briefings on emerging technologies and their current and potential impact on industries and companies.

Depending on the group and the session’s objectives, these often provide a broad frame around change and disruption following by pointed analysis and insight on how the company’s industry and positioning is being impacted, as well as opportunity identification. Clients often ask Ross Dawson to facilitate strategic conversations following the briefings.

Client examples

The board of directors of a diversified financial institution with over $200 billion in assets under management asked Ross Dawson to run a session on disruption in financial services. His presentation covered key issues and developments relevant to the institution, and was followed by an extensive Q&A and discussion that provided important insights to the board members.

The government of one of the wealthiest nations in the world invited Ross Dawson to address the top executives of its major agencies in a virtual presentation on the current vectors of change in society, business, and technology and the implications for their nation, followed by detailed Q&A.

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