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Ross Dawson is globally recognized as a leading keynote speaker and futurist with deep expertise in financial services. Dawson was formerly Global Director – Capital Markets at Thomson Financial and worked in financial markets for Merrill Lynch. He has worked with many leading financial institutions on exploring and creating the future of financial services.

Dawson is a specialist virtual keynote speaker and has also delivered physical keynotes and workshops in over 30 countries.

Keynote speaker topic – Creating the Future of Financial Services


Financial services industries are in the midst of dramatic disruption, driven by changing customer attitudes, the rapid development of fintech, blockchain and digital currencies, competition from peer-to-peer models, regulatory shifts, industry consolidation, and the dramatic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on consumer behavior and national economies. There are real challenges but also massive opportunities for the sector as these shifts come through. Those finance professionals that embrace new approaches will thrive as the sector adjusts to a dramatically different world.

This keynote can be adapted to a variety of financial services sectors, including banking, broking, financial markets, investment banking, wealth management, financial planning, insurance, reinsurance, private equity and others.

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The Future of Asset Management
The Future of Life Insurance
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A small representative selection from the many financial services keynotes Ross Dawson has delivered:

  • Keynote on Disruptive Innovation in Financial Services to major financial industry association
  • Presentation and mini-workshop on the future of the industry for the board of a major US credit union
  • Keynote to the top 40 executives of a major financial institution at their annual strategy offsite
  • Presentation and compact workshop for the leadership development program of a major bank
  • Keynote and workshop at the Richmond Financial Industry Forum in Interlaken, Switzerland
  • Keynote at the Life Insurance Conference of the Financial Services Council
  • Keynote for annual conference of major financial planning group
  • Presentation and discussion for the board of a diversified financial services company with AUM of over $100bn
  • Keynote on Future of Global Financial Services at major conference in Mumbai, India
  • Presentation and workshop on 10 year outlook for major funds manager at their investment strategy offsite
  • Keynote for an internal and client group for a major insurer on the future of financial customer experience

Taking one specific example, below are the slides from futurist Ross Dawson’s keynote on Creating the Future of Financial Services at a strategy offsite for the top executive team of a leading financial institution. The keynote slides are designed to accompany the presentation and are not intended to be useful on their own. However, they have been provided for illustrative purposes.

During this keynote, futurist Ross Dawson highlighted the latest trends, insights and driving forces in the world of financial services pertinent to the client institution. He then delved into the array of strategic issues and opportunities the organization needed to assess. An extended Q&A after the keynote allowed executives to dig into and discuss particular challenges around generational change, customer behaviours, new competition and responses to changes in trust in financial institutions and systems.

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