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Ross Dawson is a globally recognized strategy advisor and business consultant. He works with top executives and project teams as a strategy leader and has deep expertise in facilitating strategic thinking among executive teams.

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Board briefings


Board directors have a different context than executives for the insights that support effective decision-making. Ross Dawson’s extensive experience working with boards, both of large corporations as well as those with external constituencies, enables him to tailor his presentations effectively and understand the context in which they will be applied.

Ross Dawson is also often engaged by professional and financial firms to speak to and engage with group of Non-Executive Directors as part of their relationship-building programs

Client examples

Ross Dawson presented to the board of one of the world’s largest professional associations at their annual board meeting in Panama City on key issues the organization faced, and facilitated discussion among the board on the implications and strategies required.

One of the world’s largest professional firms engaged Ross Dawson to speak with a small group of Non-Executive Directors about the future, strategy and change.

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