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Expert virtual strategy facilitation

Ross Dawson is a highly experienced strategy facilitator in both in-person and virtual formats. He has applied online facilitation tools in strategy projects for over decades, developing expertise in the tools, processes, and organisational factors that support excellence in strategy workshops and development where participants are not physically in the same place.

Online strategy facilitation processes


Expert strategy facilitation is critical for effective decision-making and implementation planning for boards, leadership teams, and management groups.

While organizations often opt for virtual strategy facilitation processes due to constraints such as cost of travel or enforced home isolation, a well-designed virtual strategy process can often result in superior outcomes to ones centered on traditional in-person workshops.

Ross Dawson draws on his deep familiarity with online facilitation tools and processes as well as extensive experience in board and executive strategy facilitation to design and put into practice the most appropriate strategy workshop processes.

Factors that will shape the design of the strategy facilitation process include:
• Objectives and desired outcomes from the strategy facilitation process
• Number and roles of participants
• Availability of key stakeholders in the strategy process
• Availability of team members for research and strategy framing
• Online collaboration tools already used
• IT guidelines on use of external tools
• Organizational culture
• Budgets

Online strategy facilitation processes can be as compact as a brief faciliated workshop with pre-framing for participants, to projects of similar scope and scale to traditional enterprise strategic planning processes.


Ross Dawson designed and facilitated an online scenario planning project for a major industry association, involving stakeholders and experts across multiple timezones. The use of online collaboration tools to share and develop perspectives within the process was complemented by a number of conference calls that were documented to track outcomes and feed into the next steps. This entirely virtual process resulted in a set of scenarios and resultant strategy that were invaluable to the organization and participants.

A major media organization established a project to examine the long-term future of the national media landscape and establish an action plan for long-term sustainability. Ross Dawson designed and facilitated the strategy process, including core teams to research trends and potential opportunities, online workshops with top executives to consider the frameworks presented, and establishment of a clear action agenda for initiatives generated including responsibilities and timelines.

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