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Leadership in a post-COVID world – inspiring keynote from Ross Dawson

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Ross Dawson is globally recognized as a leading futurist, keynote speaker, and prominent commentator on the global COVID-19 crisis and its current and future implications.

Dawson is a specialist virtual keynote speaker and virtual strategy facilitator who has also delivered physical keynotes and executive workhshops in over 30 countries.

Keynote speaker topic – Reinvention for a post-pandemic future


Amid today’s intense uncertainty we can discern key aspects of the new economic and social landscape beyond the peak of the pandemic, as some existing trends accelerate yet other trends reverse and new factors come to bear. The shape of the economy will be cast not just by the easing of social distancing but also the reconfiguring of industries, work, and the role of government. Every organization’s strategy must focus both on survival now, and active reinvention for what will necessarily be a substantially different post-pandemic environment. This extraordinary global disruption is an opportunity for the true leaders to catalyze a positive future for their organizations, industries, and communities.


Ross Dawson gave the opening keynote at International News Media Association’s Virtual World Congress 2020, helping the global audience of senior news executives to understand the key shifts at play and to reinvent themselves in a highly challenging business environment.

Below is a brief excerpt from his keynote at the virtual congress.

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