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Ross Dawson is a leading business innovation consultant and keynote speaker. Strong demand for Dawson’s expertise has seen him deliver keynote speeches across six continents and consult to leading organizations worldwide such as Ernst & Young, Macquarie Bank, Microsoft, News Corporation, Procter & Gamble and many others. Below is an example of a keynote speech on business innovation that Dawson has delivered and can adapt to your specific needs.

Keynote speaker topic – Harnessing the Power of Innovation


In a globalized, commoditized world, the only remaining sustainable advantage lies in consistent innovation. Networks, both inside and outside the organization, are the keys to successful innovation in products, business processes, and strategy. Staff and their ideas can be connected in new ways to yield powerful outcomes. Even giants such as IBM, Boeing, and Procter & Gamble have realized they cannot be self-sufficient in innovation, making them adopt “open innovation” approaches that reach outside to a larger world of talent. Open source software concepts provide a valuable foundation for many emerging commercial models. Today more than ever, those who are better at developing rich knowledge-based relationships have an enormous advantage over their competitors, especially in terms of innovation.


Ross Dawson gave the keynote on Harnessing the Power of Innovation to a group of senior executives of clients of the business division of a major telecommunications firm.

The intention of the event was to help the telco’s clients to grasp the importance of innovation in their businesses, and the steps they could take now to drive new business value.

The slides to his keynote are below. The slides were designed to accompany his keynote and not to stand alone, but have been provided for context.

In his keynote presentation, innovation expert Dawson shed light on the new frontiers of effective innovation and offered practical advice on how to innovate faster, better, and more effectively. He began by looking at the implications of a hyper-connected world, before outlining the major factors shaping the current business landscape, and provided pragmatic details into how effective corporate innovation is been done and will be moving forward.

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