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Ross Dawson is a globally recognized strategy advisor and business consultant. He works with top executives and project teams as a strategy leader and has deep expertise in facilitating strategic thinking among executive teams.

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Partner offsites


There are very specific considerations for the partner offsites of professional service firms. Given Ross Dawson’s extensive experience working with a wide variety of professional services industries and firms and their partners, he is often asked to run partner offsites or sessions within them. A common theme of these sessions is the future of the firm’s professional services sector and designing the innovation initiatives required for success, however Ross Dawson also runs partner sessions on a variety of other topics including strategy, collaboration and client relationships.

Client examples

Ross Dawson ran a half-day session for the member firms of a global accounting network, sharing insights on industry disruption and facilitating the generation of ideas and initiatives to drive the future success of the firms and the network. These culminated in a prioritized list of actions and initiatives that the group agreed to undertake together.

A major Asia-based law firm ran an annual offsite for all partners at a resort destination. Ross Dawson designed and facilitated a one-day session involving clear insights into the vectors of change for the industry and the resulting challenges and opportunities. Through carefully-structured group activities the partners developed insights into the change required, and generated a strong agenda for change across the firm.

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