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Ross Dawson has worked extensively with major professional services firms globally for two decades, initially stemming from his highly successful book Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships: The Future of Professional Services and then focusing specifically on leadership in the future of professional services.

He has delivered internal keynotes on The Future of Professional Services to the leadership, partners, and managers of many of the world’s largest professional services firms, including audit, accounting, legal, strategy consulting, advertising, IT services, engineering and infrastructure services, executive search and others.

Ross Dawson has also run many strategy workshops for the leadership and partners of professional services firms to assess the shifting environment and the action items to prepare for change and seize the emerging opportunities, as well numerous executive development programs to develop the strategic capabilities of rising professional services leaders.

Keynote speaker topic – The Future of Professional Services

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The world of business and strategy is rapidly changing, driven by accelerating technological capabilities, powerful social shifts, the intensification of networked economic structures, and disruption to legacy business models. The pace of development in artificial intelligence and machine learning in particular is destined to have a massive impact to work structures, information flows, and customer interfaces. The implications include a refined focus on distinctly human skills, and reshaping organizations to enhance collaboration and redefine roles so people can best be complemented and augmented by algorithms. Professional services will be in the vanguard of drawing on evolved machine capabilities in conjunction with deep human expertise to create even greater value for clients and shape a positive future in a rapidly changing world.


The many sessions for professional services firms that Ross Dawson has delivered include:

  • Keynote to the top 200 leaders of one of the world’s largest professional services firms on the future of professional services.
  • Kick-off half-day workshop for the global leadership development program of one of the world’s top advertising conglomerates.
  • Numerous strategy workshops for global accounting networks to set action plans for a changing business environment.
  • Keynotes at the partner offsites of a number of large law firms on client, firm and industry leadership.
  • Three-day workshop to develop the strategic thinking capabilities of top emerging leaders across a global professional services firm.
  • Many presentations to Non-Executive Directors, CEOs and other groups of top clients of major professional firms.
  • Facilitation of industry group partner meetings in a firm-wide shift to an industry structure.
  • Keynotes at the partner offsites of industry groups of global professional services firms.


Please watch the video below to hear Ross Dawson give a brief description of his keynotes and workshops on leadership in professional services.

Here is a summary of what Dawson says in the above video:

“Every professional services industry is being driven by powerful forces, including connectivity, commoditization, regulation, and rapidly evolving client attitudes to service providers. Professional services are taking an increasing share of the economic growth, but professionals must embrace new ways of working in order to succeed in the challenging times ahead. The winners will be those that lead their clients into entrenched knowledge-based relationships, build effective internal networks, and embed innovation into their work processes. Personal leadership will be the foundation of success for every professional.”

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