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Ross Dawson has been at the forefront of strategic thinking about the future of work since his landmark book Living Networks was published in 2002. Other books exploring the future of work include Implementing Enterprise 2.0 and Getting Results From Crowds, while his strategic frameworks including Humans in the Future of Work have been viewed millions of times. He has been named one of the world’s top influencers in the future of work.

He works extensively with boards and executive teams to help them develop deeply considered strategies to chart their course into a rapidly changing future.  He has deep expertise in facilitation techniques to optimize the strategic thinking of senior groups

Designing the Future of Work


An immersive experience for strategy leaders who want to prepare their organizations for the changes that will shape the future of work. It will help leaders understand the impact of trends such as AI and automation, hybrid work, generational change, regulatory shifts, and more as relevant to the organizations. In many cases the focus is on how to design the future organization to bring together the respective capabilities of humans and AI to create exceptional results.

Strategy sessions are designed to address the unique situation of the company, provide useful framing on the shifts, align thinking between executives, and create tangible action plans to create a compelling future of work. Workshops can be run in-person or virtually, and result in very high degrees of engagement as well as valuable outcomes.

Client examples

Ross Dawson has run extensive board and executive workshops on the future of work and related issues.

In one example, Ross ran a series of workshops for the leadership team and direct reports of a major U.S. financial advisory group, focusing on designing the future of work for the organization. The workshops developed common thinking frameworks and language across the organization, and resulted in clear initiatives for short, medium, and long-term to drive the success of the company in a rapidly evolving world of work.

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