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Ross Dawson is a highly experienced strategy and innovation advisor who has worked extensively with boards of directors on long-term strategy and governance for innovation.

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Innovation strategy for boards of directors


Boards of directors have a unique challenge in framing and driving organizational innovation. Their fiduciary duties to manage risk need to be balanced with the imperative of continual renewal in a rapidly changing world.

Board innovation sessions can be framed around current industry disruption and potential responses, innovation strategy and strategy innovation, shifting mindsets to understand and address business model disruption, or a number of other high-impact outcomes, depending on the context. Facilitation can include one-on-one meetings with directors before board meetings or assessment of current innovation frames for the organization, or other approaches as are useful.


Ross Dawson is lead faculty for the innovation programs of Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and the Institute of Company Directors Malaysia (ICDM). He has run numerous workshops for senior directors on how to develop organizational innovation culture and capabilities and make major innovation decisions.

He has also worked with numerous boards in highly dynamic industries in assisting them to frame disruption and assess and implement effective innovation strategic frameworks for their organizations.

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