Keynote speaker Ross Dawson on how technology leaders can drive their organizations’ future

Ross Dawson is a globally recognized business and technology futurist and inspiring keynote speaker. He has delivered many keynotes around the world for IT leaders and the clients of the world’s largest technology companies.

Keynote speaker topic – Technology Leadership in an Accelerating World


The impact of emerging technologies including AI, IoT, and Blockchain is accelerating as they gain maturity and are applied extensively across industries. Organizations’ technology divisions have an opportunity – and responsibility – to play a leadership role in uncovering the potential, educating top executives, establishing platforms and shaping the future of their companies. Six key strategies are at the heart of keeping far ahead of competitors in a rapidly evolving technology landscape.


Below are the slides from futurist Ross Dawson’s keynote on Technology Leadership in an Accelerating World delivered at a number of Oracle Impact Summit events around the world. The keynote slides below are designed to accompany Dawson’s presentation and are not intended to stand alone.

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