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Strategy advisor: C-Suite (CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CDO, CMO) Roundtable facilitation

Ross Dawson is a globally recognized futurist and strategy advisor. He works with business and government leaders around the globe to understand change and drive value creation in a swiftly changing world.

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C-Suite Roundtable facilitation


Ross Dawson frequently works with technology and professional services firms as well as event organizers to facilitate C-Suite Roundtables for the top executives of their clients, including CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CDO, and CMO meetings.

As a highly experienced executive facilitator, Ross Dawson often begins by succinctly providing engaging content to stimulate discussion, then draws out the experience and insights of the attendees, aligning conversations with the sponsors’ objectives and creating value for all participants.

Client examples

Ross Dawson facilitated the C-Level Roundtable for Nice Systems’ APAC Summit in Hainan, China, using his extensive cross-cultural experience to draw out the insights of the highly diverse attendees, spanning a wide range of countries, industries, and executive roles.

Ross Dawson organized and facilitated a CIO Roundtable for IBM, building discussion around the effective use of social and collaboration technologies inside major organizations, and use unattributed comments from the session to create a high-value report from the roundtable conversations.

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