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Ross Dawson is a highly experienced strategic planning facilitator and business consultant. He works with top executives and project teams as a strategy leader and has deep expertise in facilitating strategic thinking among executive teams.

Strategy facilitation


Effective facilitation starts from establishing clear objectives, which will guide the approaches used. Ross Dawson uses a wide variety of techniques to suit the group and the objectives of the strategy session.

These include:

• Strategic frameworks to generate insights
• Industry network analysis to identify opportunities
• Mental model mapping to align executives’ strategic thinking
• Future scenarios to stimulate discussion
• Flow economy framework to uncover strategic directions
• Opportunity and resource identification and prioritization

The intent is always to bring together the richness and diversity of the participants’ experience and perspectives to create incisive strategy and valuable, constructive engagement.


Ross Dawson was engaged by one of Africa’s largest media conglomerates to facilitate the top executive team in preparing a future-oriented strategy to present to the company’s board. The process brought together the executive team to surface challenges, frame opportunities, and design a framework that captured the collective insight of the executives.

Dawson also facilitated the board meeting where the executive team presented the strategy, enabling constructive conversations among the diverse group, and helping to crystallize and define the questions and issues raised by the board for responses by the executive group.

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