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Virtual strategy facilitation:Reinvention for a post-pandemic world

Ross Dawson is futurist and expert strategy facilitator who works with boards and executive teams globally. He is highly experienced in futures methodologies to guide decision-making in highly uncertain environments, in both face-to-face and online facilitation processes.

Reinvention for a post-pandemic world


The specific impact, scope, and duration of the COVID-19 pandemic are unpredictable. Yet it is clear that as we emerge from the worst of the crisis, many aspects of business and society will have fundamentally changed, certainly for at least the medium-term and potentially forever, creating both new challenges and emerging opportunities.

The leaders of every organization must examine how the landscape is likely to shift, understand how they can reposition themselves in a different world, and set a strategy for reinvention.

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Ross Dawson uses online strategy facilitation tools as appropriate to the situation to enable participation and effective engagement from all stakeholders, irrespective of location.

The strategy facilitation process can be highly compact or more extended, depending on objectives and constraints.

While there is no typical situation, a strategy facilitation process for organizational reinvention may include:
• Set project objectives
• Define stakeholders and select project teams
• Design strategy process
• Establish online space for core team to frame key issues
• Initial executive team facilitated session on industry implications, potential emerging opportunity spaces, and gaps from existing capabilities
• Core team further defines opportunity spaces and specific opportunities and gap analysis
• Second executive team facilitated session on prioritising opportunities and capability development
• Establish action plan

The intent is always to incorporate the breadth of insight among the team and reach effective decisions and action plans using executive time as efficiently as possible.


Ross Dawson is working with a major pharmaceutical company to explore the healthcare landscape post-pandemic and the major opportunity spaces relevant to the organization’s capabilities, and set action plans to reposition and build new revenue streams.

The entire project is being run using online facilitation tools to enable managers in multiple locations and those working from home to participate fully.

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