Humans + AI: Resources

The future of humanity will be intertwined with the artificial intelligence we have created.

We have an extraordinary opportunity to complement our humanity and unique capabilities with AI.

Here we share resources to help us make the most of the amazing potential of humans and AI working together.


A compilation of visual frameworks to distill the principles of Humans + AI.

They are intended to provide a foundation for strategic thinking about how you and your organization can best tap the potential of Humans + AI.

The frameworks are all evolving, more coming soon!


We offer an early compilation of Humans + AI resources to help you amplify your potential with AI.

We will be building these resources substantially over time.


AI and the Future of Work

How individuals and organizations can bring together the unique capabilities of Humnas + AI to vastly amplify their productivity and outcomes.

Business in the Age of AI

How AI is transforming work, organizations, business models, value creation, and the role of humans in work. Learn how this will unfold and the necessary action steps to harness the potential.

The Potential of Humans + AI

Understand the rapidly evolving AI landscape, develop the skills to best work with AI, massively accelerate your productivity with AI, and amplify the capabilities to keep ahead of change.


Our future lies in a combination of:

– Improving human cognition

– Amplifying human cognition with AI

Ross Dawson’s latest book, Thriving on Overload: The Five Powers of Success in an Exponential World, provides practical guidance on how to maximize your cognition in an accelerating world, so it can best be amplified by AI..

“A how-to for turning a surplus of information into expertise, insight, and better decisions.”
– Nir Eyalbestselling author of Hooked and Indistractable

Strategy workshops

Designing the Future of Work

Envisaging and creating tomorrow’s successful organization by attracting, unleashing, and amplifying exceptional talent with dynamic structures, culture, and use of advanced technologies.

Amplifying productivity with Humans + AI

Create an action plan for augmenting human talent with next generation AI, including governance, organizational design, skill development, and technology platforms.

Innovation strategy for boards

Use effective governance and structure as enablers of consistent innovation, including the use of AI in strategic decision-making and business model innovation.