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Third-party cookies

  • Google Analytics

    This site uses Google Analytics to track user engagement. Google Analytics cookies may track actions such as how long a visitor spends on the site and its pages, what region visitors are from, what device they use to visit the site, and from where they may have clicked a link to this site.

  • Revue

    This site offers a newsletter subscription via Revue. Revue uses cookies to remember which emails are already registered and will track statistics related to the mailing list, including both overall and unique open and click rates for emails.

  • Social Media Buttons and Plugins

    This site allows social media buttons and plugins on the site in order to enable users to connect with social networks. To make this possible, social networks will set cookies through our site. These cookies may be used to improve your profile on their site or add to the data held and used according to their respective privacy policies.

  • Disqus Comments Plugin

    The site uses the Disqus Comments Plugin, which enables visitors to comment on articles. Disqus may use cookies in order to keep users signed into their Disqus profiles, to track internal statistics, and to notify users of responses to comments.

  • Affiliates

    On rare occasions this site may use affiliate links in articles, meaning the publication may receive a small commission if a reader clicks a link and purchases a product on a third-party website. Such third-party sites may use cookies to determine which of its sales came as a result of traffic from this site. Commission earnings are used to fund the operation of this website.