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Ross Dawson works globally as a strategy advisor to leading organizations. He works with boards of directors, senior executives, and strategy teams to lead and stimulate effective strategic planning and thinking. He has deep expertise in facilitating strategic thinking among executive teams, provoking valuable insights and bringing to bear high-level perspectives on the future, disruption, industry shifts and opportunities.

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Strategy facilitation
Strategic planning workshops
AI strategy: board briefings and workshops
Virtual strategy facilitation
Reinvention for a post-pandemic world
Designing the future of work
Amplifying productivity with Humans + AI
Scenario planning
Industry disruption briefings
Strategy offsites
Partner offsites
Board briefings
Leadership development
Innovation strategy for boards of directors
C-Suite Roundtable facilitation
Client relationship leadership
Employee strategy engagement

See below for an overview of selected strategy services.

Strategic planning workshops and executive offsites

Offsite activities can range from a keynote presentation followed by discussion or case studies, through to a full-day strategy process that results in specific action plans. Group size can vary from executive teams of 6-10 to broad leadership programs of 300 or more.

Innovation and disruption workshops

Ross Dawson has extensive experience working with boards of directors and leadership teams on framing industry change and disruption and enhancing innovation initiatives.

Board and executive briefings

Ross Dawson regularly provides boards and senior executive teams with briefings on emerging technologies and their current and potential impact on industries and companies. Topics can be adapted from his keynote speaking themes or tailored to address specific strategic issues.

Advisory and consulting

World-leading expertise in strategy, technology, platforms, business networks and high-value relationships is available to top executives and project teams, often in a senior strategy or project advisory role.

Scenario planning and long-term strategy

Scenario planning and other future-oriented strategy techniques can be applied working with clients’ internal strategy teams. For larger projects Future Exploration Network can provide a team of global experts.

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