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Ross Dawson is a globally recognized strategy advisor and futurist. He works with sophisticated organizations as a strategy leader and has deep expertise in facilitating strategic thinking throughout companies.

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Employee strategy engagement


Strategy formation and implementation should go beyond the board and top executive team. Employees will only be effective in their roles if they understand the organization’s strategy and their role in supporting that, requiring engagement with strategic thinking behind the company’s path forward. There is also often high value in giving staff an opportunity to provide input into the strategy process, giving not only a sense of ownership but also usually strong and useful insights.

Ross Dawson works with organizations to design effective ways to engage their employees in strategy and put those into practice. These processes can include workshops, town halls, online tools, team projects or a variety of other processes, and be integrated into the organization’s strategy process. Sometimes this simply involves facilitating a strategy session or event for a select of broad group of employees.

Client examples

Ross Dawson worked with a major financial services organization to design a strategy process that involved all staff. This included an experience room where staff could engage with and understand the strategy of the organization and share their own insights and ideas within specific frames. The input from the employee strategy engagement was fed back to the executive and strategy team and incorporated so the employees could see the impact of their participation. The outcome was a far deeper understanding of the company’s strategy and improved employee engagement and performance.

A large international law firm engaged Ross Dawson to work with its partners to shape its future-oriented strategy. He interviewed senior partners and created a framework that he presented at the firm’s annual partner offsite, facilitating broad partner input at the event to refine the strategic framework. This built strong engagement and a sense of true participation in the firm’s strategy.

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