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Ross Dawson is a globally recognized futurist and keynote speaker who is an influential thought leader on the future of healthcare. He is strong demand for his future of healthcare keynotes at numerous major healthcare events.

Dawson is a specialist virtual keynote speaker who has also delivered physical keynotes and workshops in over 30 countries.

Keynote speaker topic – Shaping the Future of Healthcare


Healthcare is going through a massive transformation, driven by new medical and information technologies, and a social shift of power to the individual. Better-informed patients’ now expect to be participants in their medical care, while heightened sharing of research findings is accelerating scientific progress. The ability to capture and analyse health data real-time is enabling a shift from reactive to predictive medicine, responding before crises happen, and assisting people in changing their behaviours, while connected health is enabling remote consultations and even surgery. These and other major shifts require adaptation, but also point to tremendous opportunities for the medical profession.


A few of the many keynotes Ross Dawson has delivered for healthcare professionals on the future of health include:

  • Keynote at the offsite conference of a major hospital group
  • Keynote at the user conference of a major hospital software company
  • Keynote at multiple healthcare assocations
  • Keynote at an oncologist’s conference organised by one of the world’s largest pharma companies
  • Opening keynote at a major public healthcare conference

To take one specific example, below are the slides from futurist Ross Dawson’s keynote on Shaping the Future of Healthcare at Icon Cancer’s Annual Forum, which brings together a select group of senior medical practitioners. The keynote slides are designed to accompany the speech and are not intended to be useful on their own. However, they have been provided for illustrative purposes.

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