Futurist resources

I believe that futurist thinking and methodologies are enormously important at this juncture in human history.

We have compiled a set of resources for futurists, aspiring futurists, and those who want to draw on expertise in the field. We intend to substantially grow this set of resources over time.

For information on Ross Dawson’s work as a futurist please see our keynote speaker, strategy advisor, and futurist services for PR sections.

Being a futurist

A selection of articles on being and becoming a futurist.

How do you become a futurist? 10 key elements of a career thinking about the future

The future is bright for futurists: 5 crucial characteristics of their craft

The role of the futurist as a leader

How to use a futurist to create value: shifting executive thinking

Human + AI Resources

A set of resources to help you and your organization amplify productivity and create a better future by integrating the unique capabilities of humans and AI.

Explore Humans + AI resources

Best Futurists Ever

We are compiling overviews of the amazing insights of some of the most inspiring futurists of our past and present.

Best Futurists Ever: compilation of articles on extraordinary futurists who have foreseen the future

University futures and foresight degrees and programs

Compilation of Ph.D, Masters, Undergraduate, and short courses on futures studies and foresight at universities globally.
List of university futures and foresight programs and degrees

Government foresight agencies

Details of government agencies of major countries focused on foresight and the future.
List of government foresight programs

Futurist associations

Associations and related organizations that bring together futurists and foresight specialists.
List of global, national, and sector-specific futurist associations

Futurist software and tools

Software and tools to support futures and foresight work.
List of prominent futurist software and tools

Prediction markets and crowdsourced futures

Platforms to support aggregated insights into the future.
List of prediction markets and crowdsourcing tools relevant to futures work

World’s top female futurists

There is too often under-representation of female perspectives in thinking about the future. As such we have created a resource for those seeking to discover and engage female futurists, covering 167 leaders in the field across 6 continents.
List of the world’s top female futurists (Update #3)

Futurist Influence Rankings

We have created a widget to provide a rough view of how influential futurists are on the web and social media. The social media and web influence of each futurist is assessed using three indicators, each of which is given a different percentage weighting.
Futurist Influence Rankings

Industry futures resources

A compilation of resources on the future of industries and sectors including banking, healthcare, retail, cities, and government.
Industry futures resources

Companies creating the future

A series examining some of the companies that are creating the technologies, industries, and organizational forms of tomorrow.
Companies creating the future

Implications of AI

A series exploring the implications of artificial intelligence on industries, society, and humanity.
Implications of AI

Futurist services for PR

A list of future-oriented services to support the objectives and campaigns of PR firms and corporate marketing teams, including extensive case studies and examples.
Futurist services for PR