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Strategy advisor: Amplifying productivity with Humans + AI 

Ross Dawson is an acknowledged leader in understanding the role of Artificial Intelligence in work, organizations, and society. He has had a long time focus on the concept of “Humans + AI“, uncovering and designing of the distinctive competences of humans and how people and AI can best complement each other to create massively greater value than either could apart.

His extensive experience working with boards and executive teams on a wide range of innovation issues, including leading the Directing Innovation program at the Australian Institute of Company Directors, provides the foundation for deeply engaging and highly pragmatic strategy sessions. He works with the leadership team to define clear objectives for engagements, and create clear action plans for amplifying productivity in the organization, focusing on how humans can best use AI to dramatically accelerate their impact.

Amplifying Productivity with Humans + AI


This workshop offers cutting-edge insights, tools, and techniques to unlock the full potential of your organization, unleash innovation, and drive growth in the age of AI. As AI rapidly transforms the business landscape leaders need to enhance their understanding of the fundamentals of AI and how to harness its power to drive productivity, innovation, and growth.

The workshop will be centered on developing a strategic roadmap that integrates AI with human capabilities to drive productivity and growth. You will explore the latest AI technologies, their applications, and best practices for their implementation. You will learn how to develop an AI-enabled workforce, build a culture of innovation, and foster collaboration between humans and machines. By the end of this workshop, you will understand how AI can transform your organization’s productivity and growth, and a roadmap to implement it effectively.

Client examples

Ross Dawson has run numerous workshops with both executive teams and operational groups including HR focusing on increasing productivity using AI and other technologies. Recently executive workshops have focused on the implications and opportunities from generative AI such as ChatGPT, including governance structures and potential structural shifts.

In other engagements, starting from the organizational context and objectives Ross designs workshops or longer programs to create structured action plans to amplify productivity, including skill development and use of technology.

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