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Ross Dawson is a globally recognized strategy advisor and business consultant. He works with top executives and project teams as a strategy leader and has deep expertise in facilitating strategic thinking among executive teams.

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Strategy planning workshops


Effective strategic planning requires strong engagement across key executives to bring together consolidated insight and concerted action. The scope of strategic planning workshops can vary from executive teams of 6-10 to broad leadership programs of 100 or more.

A high-value strategic planning workshop identifies objectives and scope for a group session given existing strategic frames, and focuses on the most important conversations and discussions in a structured format that leads to clear outcomes. Digital facilitation tools can sometimes support strong and efficient engagement from participants. Strong facilitation distinguishes between issues that need pointed discussion and those those that can be parked, and leads to clear, high-value action plans

Client examples

A global infrastructure services organization brought together its 100 top executives for an offsite strategic planning workshop focused on industry shifts. Ross Dawson designed and facilitated a one-day workshop to scan uncertainties and identify key issues, and used internal case studies to capture key insights from across the leadership team.

A major bank brought together senior stakeholders from across the organization to develop potential scenarios for the bank’s operations and identify emerging risks over the next 3-5 years. Ross Dawson worked with the risk management team to frame the issues, create relevant scenarios, and facilitate an efficient workshop to frame the risks and establish initiatives to address these.

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