Smaller companies will drive innovation and economic growth with nimble learning and work structures


I recently did a media briefing for Telstra Business on why small and mid-sized businesses need to adopt relevant technologies to keep pace with a rapidly changing business environment. One of the interviews I did after the briefing was with Kochie’s Business Builders.

The two short videos below were excerpted from the interview, with summary notes below.

Some of the points I make:

* The future of the economy is more and more with small and fast-growth businesses, who will take a larger share of the economy

* Large corporations will still exist, but will be leaner and smaller

* As the world is moving faster, we need more agile organisations; corporates are finding that harder and are sourcing much of their innovation by acquiring smaller more nimble companies

* Everyone needs to be learning all the time – learning should be framed a joy and opportunity

* However no-one can know everything, we shouldn’t put ourselves under pressure to do so, but we can be open to look for ideas and knowledge where we can find it

* Crowdsourcing levels the playing field – every business has ready access to useful, relevant talent

* Building a flexible workforce requires combining those at the core who understand the organisation’s values and culture, with those outside who can do specific tasks

Image: Kenny Louie