How CIOs and technology leaders can map the future shape of their industries


I was recently interviewed for a podcast on The Future of IT for Cisco’s Connected Futures program, along with leading CTOs, CDOs and technology strategists.

You can listen to the podcast below.

Points I make in the podcast on the role of CIO and technology leadership include:

* Any technology leader must understand how the industry in which they work is and may be evolving

* They need to build roadmaps on how technology might change the shape of their industry, including enabling new competitors and opening up new, broader opportunities for incumbents

* It is critical to have a long-term timeframe on this, at least 5 years out, in order to build and implement effective strategies today

* We need to explore how technologies can make cities and communities more effective, efficient, and liveable

* There is a need for visionaries to envisage and communicate the potential of technologies to drive value – who better than technology leaders?