Launching my new book today! Getting Results From Crowds


Today we are launching my new book Getting Results From Crowds: The definitive guide to using crowdsourcing to grow your business!

This has been, in all, many years in the planning and making, and I’m extremely happy with how it has come out. It is definitely my most useful book, and while it’s hard to compare it with my other books as it has a distinct purpose and design, it is in some ways my best work.

I’ve believed in, followed, and worked with crowds for over a decade. My 2002 book Living Networks had many examples of what we currently call crowdsourcing, including being the first of many business books to describe the Goldcorp challenge, and mentions of Elance, InnoCentive, and Procter & Gamble’s Connect & Develop program, before any were well-known.

Today much of my work is around the future of work and future of organizations. The most powerful single force shaping work and organizations is the rise of distributed work, often drawing on crowds. I have used crowdsourcing platforms extensively for the last decade, and studied and learned how to get the best results from these. Our group business model is centered on the effective use of crowds.

The Getting Results From Crowds book website has a whole stack of resources, including:

* Four free chapters for download
* Testimonials from many business leaders on what they like about Getting Results From Crowds
* Links to buy Getting Results From Crowds on Amazon. The book will be available in pdf in a while, and in Kindle in Q2 2012. For now it is print only.
* A heavily updated version of our well-known Crowdsourcing Landscape, breaking crowdsourcing services into 22 categories.
* An entirely new Crowd Business Models Framework, showing the 8 crowd business models (including non-profit) and the accompanying monetization and success factors.
* A Contribute to the Second Edition section so we can crowdsource improvements to the second edition, hopefully coming before long. (Nothing there yet – waiting for suggestions!)
* A blog of the latest insights on crowdsourcing which will comment on developments and share insights from the book.
* Information on the team including my co-author Steve Bynghall.

I may spend more time writing on the Getting Results From Crowds site than here over the next while, so drop on over and see what we have there.

I will share a lot more content from the book and what we see in the crowds space over the next while. It is one of the most important topics of our times.

If you do read the book I’d love to hear from you on the book website, and if you like it an review is always very welcome. :-)