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Future of Media Framework

Success in a Connected World


Success in a Connected World

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This diagram brings together the foundations of success in a connected world: Relationships, Visibility, and Execution, and how to achieve these.

: Using distributed computing as a platform for business
Crowd: Using distributed talent to get work done.

: Creating useful, relevant content that gets seen by the right audience.
Curate: Selecting useful, relevant content to create value and build an identity and brand.

: Establishing and maintaining relationships with people you want to know and work with.
Converse: Engaging in contained and broad conversations to learn and build relationships.

For different people or organizations, there will be different priorities across the six elements of success in a connected world. However the real power comes when they are managed in combination to both generate and exploit opportunities.

The services referenced in the diagram are examples only, and there are many others in each category.

I hope the framework is useful. I welcome any feedback on how to improve it.