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Future of Media Framework

iPad Media Strategy


iPad Media Strategy

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Strategic priority
– New revenue
– Protect existing channels
– Position for future

Portfolio Position
– Distinctive news design
– Pricing vs. other channels
– Defined target audiences
– Timeliness

Content scope
– Same as main platform
– Subset of main platform
– Adapted content
– Unique content

Other tablets
– Cross-platform design
– Timing of releases
– Control over apps
– User information

– Beauty
– App vs. iPad optimized web
– Dual format layout
– Offline access
– Navigation protocols
– Rich multimedia
– Information interfaces

– Source selection
– Social filtering
– IP issues

Social media
– Content sharing
– Recommendations

Content pricing
– Pay for app
– Pay for in-app download
– Subscription

– iPad specific ad formats
– Cross-platform ad sales
– Mobile ad aggregators
– New ad metrics
– Impressions vs. actions
– In-app ads vs. served ads

– Multi-platform pricing
– Cross-subsidization

App development
– In-house development
– Commercial platform
– Cost
– Time
– Scalability
– User tracking

– Export from CMS
– Content reformatting
– On-the-fly layout
– New job roles
– Real time updates

Internal ownership
– Newspaper
– Broadcast
– Digital
– Functional group
– Merge operations

Change management
– Educate advertisers
– Change to workflow
– Recruit for new roles
– New organizational structures

Apple relationship
– Understand beholden to Apple
– Inscrutable approval process