Future meetups next week in NYC and Toronto


I will be in New York City next Monday 25th and then in Toronto for a couple of days for a client media campaign on the future.

Since I’m in town so briefly I’m organizing ‘Future meetups’ in each city. These bring together some interesting people I know and anyone else who is interested in joining us for conversations about the future, connected world, media, technology, the usual things… All very casual.

I would love it if you made it along, feel free to pass on word to others, all are welcome.

If you’re coming you can register on the Facebook event, comment on this post, tweet me, or just turn up!

Hope to see you there.
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Future/ media/ social media meetup in Dubai – Wednesday 21 May


I am in Dubai for the next few days to do a keynote at Arab Media Forum on the future of media.

I’d love to catch up with anyone who is interesting in an informal meetup to chat about the future, media, and social media in the Arab world and beyond.

It has been a while since I’ve been in UAE and keen to connect with interesting people and hear what’s happening.

Where: A’Rukn cafe, Souk Madinat Jumeirah (location link)

When: 6-8pm, Wednesday 21 May

Register on Eventbrite

Hope to see you there! Everyone is welcome, feel free to pass on word, whoever turns up will be the right people

Dealing with jetlag: 5 tips based on experience


I have recently returned from a 10-day round-world trip, including 85 hours in airplanes and airports, with a number of speaking engagements and fortunately a little fun fitted in-between the travel.

This brings me to 56 hours of timezone changes within the last two months. I already have another 25 hours of timezone changes scheduled for the next month.

Dealing with jetlag is a required competence for my job, and fortunately I am pretty good at it. I thought I’d share how I approach it in case it is useful for others.
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Future/ social media/ startup meetup – Mumbai Monday 14 April


I will be in Mumbai 14 April before doing the keynote at a NASSCOM conference in Pune.

I’d love to catch up with anyone who is interesting in meeting me or talking about the future, social media, startups, or similar topics. It has been a few years since I’ve been in Mumbai and keen to reconnect with what’s happening.

Where: Le Pain Quotidien, 3, Maker Maxity, Bandra Kurla Complex, North Avenue, Bandra East, Mumbai Details

When: 8pm, 14 April

Register on Eventbrite

Hope to see you there! Everyone is welcome, whoever turns up will be the right people :-)

Availability in Europe in March and Latin America in April


I have a very busy travel itinerary coming up, with keynotes scheduled on 5 continents in the next 4 months.

While I often travel for a single engagement, I look where possible to fit in other client work when I am travelling.

I currently have availability in Europe the week of March 10 before the Congres Intranet in Utrecht, Netherlands, which is apparently the largest intranet conference in the world, where I am running a pre-conference workshop on Tapping the Power of Internal Crowdsourcing and doing a keynote on The Future of Work and Organisations.
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On the importance of energizing holidays for entrepreneurs


I have just returned from holidays in Jervis Bay, a stunning region set in a marine national park a few hours drive south of Sydney. It is one of those places scattered around the world that feels magical in some inexpressible way.

Summer is Here | Jervis Bay
Image credit: Hadi Zaher

It was just a one week holiday, my first proper break in the last year, which has been perhaps the most intense year in my life. Victoria and I did take a little time off between this last Christmas and New Year but I ended having to do a some urgent client work and many interviews including Sunrise, Today, and Morning Show over New Year so it wasn’t a real holiday.

Switching off

During the holiday I was almost completely switched off from digital world, with limited connectivity where we were staying helping me avoid more than very briefly glancing at email or Twitter every day or so, though I did need to respond to a couple of enquiries.
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Future Creative Drinks in Sydney on 31 May – hope to see you there!


A good while ago now I used to run Party Alert Network, a series of events, drinks, and parties that were open to all. In the spirit of bringing together interesting people I am organizing a drinks on 31 May in Sydney, with the theme of Future Creative, since I expect pretty much all of the people there to match that description. :-)

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The isomorphism of inside and outside – why exploring our minds and the world are the same


On my recent holiday I was in extraordinarily beautiful surroundings, in the Jervis Bay area of Australia’s Eastern coast.

Being in that environment helped me to recall my thoughts from when I was much younger, when it struck me that the world inside us and the world outside are isomorphic: they have exactly the same shape and structure.

We can learn about our minds and the richness of who we are by studying and exploring the world around us, particularly the natural world.

Equally, we can grow to understand the external world by delving into the unlimited richness of our minds. There is as much to discover within us as there is in the entire universe around us.
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A change of tack for Trends in the Living Networks


Happy New Year! I wish you a most wonderful year ahead. I for one am very, very excited about what 2013 holds.

I’m just back from close to three weeks holiday over Christmas and New Year, including some wonderful time on the beach and among the kangaroos in Jervis Bay.

As always after a holiday I have a broader perspective on where I am and what I am doing. The time was ripe for other reasons too, but I realized while I was away that it is time for me approach this blog a little differently than I have.

It is a constant struggle to keep the blog active given all my other activities and commitments, but it is still a high priority so I will do what I can to keep it alive and flourishing.

I will continue to share as I can snippets of ideas from my speaking and media appearances, as well as particularly relevant content that illuminates key trends in how the networks are coming to life.

However there are a number of other ways I will also intend to use this blog, including:
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10 most popular blog posts on the living networks of 2012


I have just had a look at the most popular posts this year on my blog, and very interestingly almost all of the top dozen were written before this year, with perennials like the launches of our Web 2.0 Framework, Social Media Strategy Framework, Trend Map to 2050, and Newspaper Extinction Timeline still attracting consistent very healthy traffic.

Below are the most popular posts written this year on my blog. I will share the list of all-time favorites another time.

1. Which countries have the most Twitter users per capita?
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