10 most popular blog posts on the living networks of 2012


I have just had a look at the most popular posts this year on my blog, and very interestingly almost all of the top dozen were written before this year, with perennials like the launches of our Web 2.0 Framework, Social Media Strategy Framework, Trend Map to 2050, and Newspaper Extinction Timeline still attracting consistent very healthy traffic.

Below are the most popular posts written this year on my blog. I will share the list of all-time favorites another time.

1. Which countries have the most Twitter users per capita?

2. Open business: Sharing our group priorities for 2012 – Why not?

3. 5 things to tweet and 5 things NOT to tweet


* Interesting, current links with useful descriptions. The most valuable tweets usually point to fantastic content, with sufficient description for people to know why they should click on it.

4. Launching new framework: The Future of Work

5. Ranking and comparing the world’s top 20 startup hubs

6. Zynga’s new game The Ville takes virtual sex to the masses

As the video shows, users can build the “home of your dreams” and invite their Facebook friends over to have fun there. The fun can start with talking, cooking, and dancing, and then go a little further.

7. Do you want to live forever?

For any student of potential disruptive technological advances, life extension inevitably looms as one that could completely change the condition of humanity.

While there is heated debate about whether the current proposed approaches to life extension being proposed have any merit, there is no question that major advances are possible in the field.

8. The decade ahead for media

The future of the media industry as a whole is extraordinarily bright. Alongside the extraordinary rise of social media and a connected world, in the last years we have learned the previously undiscovered depths of the intrinsic hunger humans have for media. As value creation in the global economy increasingly shifts to the flow of information and ideas, and every company can be considered a media organisation, those with the established capabilities, structures, and relationships in media creation and dissemination have an unparalleled opportunity before them.


9. Scenario Planning in Action: What, Why, Success Factors, and Process

10. Entrepreneurship becomes global: the top 25 startups hubs in the world

I am looking out for better data on this, and may at some point set up a project to do this study. The global entrepreneurial space is one of the most interesting and important ones in looking the future of business and society.