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Ross Dawson is globally recognized as a leading keynote speaker and futurist who has broad experience in travel. Clients for his work as keynote speaker include American Express Travel, Global Business Travel Association, Star Alliance, Air New Zealand, Travelport and other leading travel industry organizations.

Ross is also highly experienced at virtual keynotes and virtual strategy facilitation for boards and executives.

Keynote speaker topic – Creating the Future of Travel


Travel continues to grow, driven by the globalization of business, broadening affluence, and the quest for experience. However business and tourist travel are being rapidly reshaped by accelerating technologies and heightened customer expectations. Smartphone apps, cloud-based workflow, virtual reality, augmented reality, and robotics are changing how people buy and experience travel. Transport and accommodation are being disrupted by new platforms, yet the travel industry is able to build and tap its existing platforms to provide superior value. Organizations need to drive fast-paced innovation as the industry shifts, creating clear opportunities for industry leadership and driving a prosperous future for travel.


Ross Dawson gave the opening keynote at Travelport Live APAC in front of 400 senior travel executives from the Asia-Pacific region. Below is the full video of his keynote, with the slides below. Note that many of the slides in the original presentation were video, creating a highly dynamic visual experience.

In this keynote travel futurist Ross Dawson explored the impact of accelerating technologies and interfaces, the role of platforms and strategies for success, how retail in the travel industry is shifting, the opportunities stemming from these changes, and the leadership required to seize them.

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