Video of TheNextWeb keynote on The Future of Crowds


TheNextWeb produced a good quality video of my keynote at TheNextWeb Conference 2012, shown below.

It doesn’t show all of my full motion graphics presentation, though it frequently cuts to show segments of the visuals through my keynote. I will create and share a full video of my motion graphics presentation along with the audio of me speaking, however as I’m travelling it may take a little while to complete.

Here is a brief overview of the structure of the presentation:

Crowds are the future of everything
The economy of individuals
How individuals contribute
Tapping the minds of many
The 10 worlds in which crowds are the future:
– Work
– Organizations
– Business Models
– Capitalism
– Reputation
– Media
– Marketing
– Innovation
– Opportunity
– Government
The rise of the global brain
Collective intelligence
Collective consciousness
The future of sex and crowd orgasms
Crowds as an extension of our capabilities
The dawn of a new era