Uniquely human capabilities will be at the heart of job creation as automation advances


Many of the interviews I have been doing at the beginning of this year have focused on the future of jobs and work, it seems to be a topic that resonates strongly at the moment.

One of the interviews was on ABC News 24, as below.

Some of the points I discussed were

  • Whether the pace of destruction of jobs will exceed the pace of creation of jobs
  • Artificial intelligence is impacting both manual and knowledge-based jobs
  • Some types of decisions are better made by machines, some by humans, and the boundary is continually shifting
  • Many jobs will be in helping people to make better decisions, by analyzing, interpreting and visualizing information
  • There is a creative, innovative space for new jobs to emerge
  • Human-centred design – making technology and the world work well for us – can only be done by humans
  • Empathy and the capability to relate to others together with innovation will be at the heart of many jobs of the future
  • Trends towards technology will engender countervailing responses
  • Even if technology can do things, many will still choose to do them for themselves, such as cooking and driving