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Influence networks

Strategy Advisor > Network Economy > Influence Networks Influence Networks An understanding of the networks that underpin influence is essential in order to impact decision-making in both B2B and B2C environments. The fragmentation of traditional media and the rapid rise of social media such as blogging and Twitter makes it more challenging to influence consumers […]


Updating the Futurist Influence Rankings and Keynote Speaker Influence Rankings algorithms

Just over three years ago we launched our Futurist Influence Rankings and Keynote Speaker Influence Rankings. These both use a simple algorithm to combine measures of online impact including web traffic and social media impact to rank the influence of prominent futurists and keynote speakers. Any rankings of online influence certainly shouldn’t be taken too […]


The Business of Influence: 5 Principles of Successful Influencer Marketing

Today, every business is in the business of influence. More and more organizations are working with people who can influence desirable audiences to connect, engage, and make decisions—and purchases—on a powerful scale. However, unlocking the massive potential of influencer marketing in a networked world requires understandings and focuses that are eluding many organizations. As digital […]


Keynote Speaker Influence Rankings

Keynote Speaker Influence Rankings We have created this widget to provide a rough view of how influential keynote speakers are on the web and social media. It is not intended to be rigorous but it provides a fun and interesting insight into the online influence of leading keynote speakers. Click here for the description of […]


How to make friends with and influence Sydney’s entrepreneurial and self-employed community

This year we celebrate the 14th annual Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed Xmas Party in Sydney. As every year, the intention is to provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs and self-employed people, primarily from the technology and creative sectors, to celebrate the end of a great year with their peers. While corporate employees have someone to put on […]