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Influence Networks

An understanding of the networks that underpin influence is essential in order to impact decision-making in both B2B and B2C environments.

The fragmentation of traditional media and the rapid rise of social media such as blogging and Twitter makes it more challenging to influence consumers or business executives making purchasing decisions through either advertising or traditional PR.

Network approaches offer the most valuable insights in designing effective marketing and promotion campaigns that influence the people you are trying to reach.

Influence Landscape framework

Our Influence Landscape framework provides a ready reference and introduction to the key issues in influence. This framework is being developed further and will be supplemented by extensive other content on the influence landscape and how to tap effectively influence networks.

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Examples of Influencer Network Analysis

Advanced Human Technologies works closely with both consumer and business-to-business companies to help them understand how influence networks shape the decisions of their customers, and how best to positively influence those decisions.

Technology Purchasing Influence Networks
Advanced Human Technologies, on behalf of CNET (Now CBS Interactive), gained insights into almost 300 large technology purchasing decisions made by major organizations, and analyzed the influence networks behind those decisions. A summary of the results was published by The University of Virginia Network Roundtable.

Download How Technology Purchasing Decisions are Really Made: Understanding How Influence Networks Affect the Success of Major Technology Purchasing Decisions.

Influence Networks that Supported Successful Technology Purchasing Decisions

The study provided specific insights into:

  • How to structure major purchasing decisions to maximize the chances of success
  • How to provide effective internal input into the decision making process