How to make friends with and influence Sydney’s entrepreneurial and self-employed community


This year we celebrate the 14th annual Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed Xmas Party in Sydney.

As every year, the intention is to provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs and self-employed people, primarily from the technology and creative sectors, to celebrate the end of a great year with their peers. While corporate employees have someone to put on their Christmas party for them, those making it happen for themselves don’t have that luxury.

As we did last year, we have invited companies to support the Entrepreneurs Xmas Party by helping to buy drinks for early arrivals at the event. So far we have almost all the companies that supported our event from last year, who all found it highly valuable, plus a couple more on board.

We’re delighted that the event is being supported so far by the wonderful organizations Cisco, Kreston Dormers, MitchelLake, Ninefold, and Yammer.

So if you would like to build relationships with Sydney’s entrepreneurial and self-employed community, what better way than to buy them drinks and get their attention when they’re feeling good and in a fun, convivial environment?

For details have a look at the event partnership document, also available on the event website. If you have $500 or more in your end-of-year or end-of-quarter kitty then you’ll find it a great way to support the community and build relationships.

And if you are an entrepreneur or self-employed please join us by registering on the event website. The early bird free registrations are now finished, but for now tickets are just $10, with free drinks for early arrivals courtesy of our fine supporting organizations. :-)