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A Manifesto for the Reputation Society: it’s coming soon!

One of the key themes at Future of Influence Summit 2009 on August 31 / September 1 will be the emergence of the ‘reputation economy’, and how value is being created in that space. Howard Rheingold, who has been deeply involved in this space since the 1980s, and has demonstrated his prescience by writing – […]


Why online reputation systems have a long way to go

eBay will eliminate negative rankings from May, according to the BBC. This makes what was barely useful into something practically useless. It’s interesting that when you talk about reputation systems, most people refer to eBay’s feedback and ratings system. It was in fact clear years ago that eBay’s ratings had very little value. The essence […]


List of the world’s top female futurists (Update #5)

[UPDATE: We have added 25 additional futurists to the list for a total of 203. Thank you for your help building out the list!] I find I am frequently asked where all the female futurists are. The discussion on why the profession of futurist appears to be so male-dominated has grown in recent years. I […]


LinkedIn enters the freelancer service marketplace: the implications

LinkedIn has today entered the service marketplace business. This is substantial news in the rapidly evolving work landscape. Now anyone can use LinkedIn’s ‘Open to Work’ feature at the top of their profile to indicate availability to provide services, either local or remote, across 250 pre-defined categories (shortly expanding to 500), with for now no […]


Reviewing my map of the 2010s at the end of the decade

Ten years ago I released my map of the 2010s, consisting of 14 “ExaTrends” (Exa being the cube of Mega). Click through on the images for the full size pdf. The complete text describing the ExaTrends on pdf is also on the post below the images. What are your thoughts on how well I did […]