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Ross Dawson works extensively with leading financial institutions globally on the future of financial services, including wholesale and retail asset management from portfolio manager, distribution, and investor perspectives.

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[NOTE: This speech is intended for portfolio managers; content would be different for other asset management audiences ]

Positive feedback loops are amplifying the social and business impact of technological change, making long-term investment decisions even more uncertain. Increasing social expectations, ongoing polarisation of wealth and values, the rise of network economy business models and inexorable shifts in the role of humans in value creation are pointing to the potential of what might be described as a ‘post-capitalist’ world in which the fundamental relationship between individuals, companies, governments and capital changes. AI and ML are beginning to transform every kind of venture, including investment management over shorter timeframes. Longer-term investment decisions will continue to be made by humans for the imaginable future, yet cognitive augmentation and structures for collective intelligence may transform humans’ role in the investment process. Institutional investors that evolve their processes and the implicit assumptions embedded in these are in the front seat to keep ahead of accelerating change.


Ross Dawson has given keynotes to a wide variety of investment management audiences, including to senior management, institutional sales, portfolio managers and analysts, and chief investment officers. The slides below are from Ross Dawson’s keynote to the Centre for Institutional Investment Chief Investment Officer Summit, which provided a stimulating frame on investing for the future. The original keynote slides had significant video content and were designed to accompany Ross’s speech, not to stand alone, they have been provided to illustrate visual content style.

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