The future of mutuals and cooperatives – keynote speaker Ross Dawson on opportunities for the sector

Ross Dawson works globally as a futurist and keynote speaker. He has delivered many keynotes to mutuals, cooperatives, credit unions, and related associations on the extraordinary potential for the sector.

Keynote speaker topic – Opportunities for Mutual Value Creation


The world is rapidly evolving, disrupting existing structures and institutions but also enabling extraordinary new possibilities. Technology is changing the nature of customer relationships and enabling new business models, social expectations for experience, transparency, sustainability and equity continue to rise, while in the network economy the structure of value creation is shifting to platforms. Value is now generated across ecosystems rather than within companies, and traditional organisations are increasingly recognising and responding to these changes. This large-scale shift to new models for value creation opens up a wealth of opportunities for mutuals and cooperatives, given their values, depth of community engagement, and focus on sustainability. Powerful and effective leadership is required to innovate and evolve in order to keep ahead of these shifts and help bring mutual value creation to the very centre of global business and society.


Ross Dawson has spoken extenstively to mutuals and cooperatives, especially in the financial sector including to numerous credit unions and credit union associations.

In one example, Dawson gave the opening keynote at the global conference of International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Fund (ICMIF) , bringing together leaders from the world’s top mutual and cooperative insruacne funds. Below are the slides from his keynote. The keynote slides are designed to accompany the speech and are not intended to be useful on their own. However, they have been provided for illustrative purposes.

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