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Ross Dawson has extensive experience as a compelling keynote speaker across financial services, with specific expertise in the future of financial advice. Dawson was formerly Global Director – Capital Markets at Thomson Financial, worked in financial markets for Merrill Lynch, and is author of the landmark book Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships. He also has a deep background in AI and its impact on professional services.

Keynote speaker topic – The Future of Financial Advisors in an AI World


In a world in which private capital will soon soar past $300 trillion globally and client expectations are always rising, quality financial advice is critical. The winning offers will combine the expertise and relationship strength of human advisors with the power of technology into a seamless, high-value, deeply personalized client experience. AI offers the potential to massively amplify the capabilities of advisors, taking away drudgery, adding insight, and facilitating marketing, while maintaining their role at the center of the client relationship. 

This keynote is always highly tailored to the audience and context to be intensely positive, practical, and inspiring to advisors, platforms, and investment managers.


This is a frequent keynote theme for Ross Dawson. Recent examples include: 

Dawson delivered the keynote at the 25th anniversary Investors Trust global conference in London, UK, examining the next 25 years of financial advice, including the role of technology and the skills and capabilities required to excel today and in the future.

Financial Advisors Association of Australia Congress engaged Dawson to run the opening keynote session on the role of AI in financial advice, delivering a TED-style keynote and moderating a panel of experts. 

AI in the Future of Financial Advice framework

Dawson’s AI in the Future of Financial Advice framework below is not usually shared in keynotes due its level of detail, however the essence of the ideas on how to create “Humans + AI Financial Advice” always comes through in whatever format will be most powerful for the audience.


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