The future of offices: facilitating interaction and making work fun


Last week I was interviewed on the Daily Edition TV program about the future of offices.

Click on the image below to see a video of the interview.


A few of the things we covered in the interview:

* Two key developments are transforming work and offices: increased connectivity and automation of jobs.

* We can now gather immense amounts of data about people and human interactions that help us design workplaces that are highly productive.

* There is no reason to go to an office if simply sit down and do individual work, so from now offices will be primarily focused on facilitating interaction.

* Companies such as Google are creating offices that are fun and people want to go to, with slides and other novelties to engage us.

* Products such as Double Robotics are allowing us to virtually visit and wander around distant offices and interact as if we were there.

* The next phase of remote work will transcend videoconferencing to potentially allow us to interact with holographic representations of our colleagues.

* Offices will focus on humanizing work, connecting people, and making our work relevant and valuable.