Framework: The role of Humans in the Future of Work


Yesterday I gave the keynote on Creating the Future of Work at The End of Nine to Five.

For the last years in addressing the future of work I have often focused on the human capabilities that will drive value as machines become more capable and the work landscape is transformed.

To help define and clarify these capabilities I created a landscape on the role of Humans in the Future of Work, which I first shared publicly in my keynote yesterday.

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You can see full details of the framework on my keynote speaker website.

This framework overlaps and builds on my Future of Work Framework, specifically building out the distinctive human capabilities that will be relevant and valued as the work landscape is transformed.

I have spoken and written before about the three fundamental human capabilities for the future of work: EXPERTISE, RELATIONSHIPS and CREATIVITY.

However it is in the intersection between these core domains that many of the most important humans capabilities exist, such as decision-making, framing decisions, sense-making, synthesis, collaboration, problem solving, trust building, and influencing. At the intersection of all three domains is human-centered design, which will be a key element of many of the new jobs that are created in coming years.

Recognizing these distinctive human capabilities allows us to design work, organizations and education to use and develop these capabilities to best effect.

We must, in order to create a positive future of work for all of us.