Relaunch of my website and blog – time to get blogging again!


I am delighted to have finally relaunched my personal website and blog! The front page of this website provides an overview of my work, there are details on my keynote speaking and strategy advisory work, and now my blog has been incorporated into the same website.

I set up my blog Trends in the Living Networks in 2002 to accompany the launch of my book Living Networks. A bit later I set up as my speaker website, and kept the blog on a separate domain, running the two sites in parallel for many years.

Time for a refresh

However this year I have blogged the least I have for well over a decade. My blog virtually ground to a halt. One reason was that I have simply been too busy to take the time to blog. But to be frank I was also embarrassed by my out-of-date blog website, I didn’t really want people to see it.

My speaker website – where I also put some posts and research from my team members – was also well overdue for a refresh. So I decided to redesign and relaunch both my personal site and blog into one site, in hindsight something I should have done a long time ago.

For the last year I have been wanting to write many blog posts, but I kept waiting until my new site was done, which of course took longer than expected.

Back to blogging

So now I have a big backlog of posts I want to write, including sharing snippets from some of the many interesting client engagements I have been doing this year. I’m still flat out, but now that I have a nicer-looking website, I am far more highly motivated to write the posts and get them up.

Of course, please let me know if you see any issues or have any suggestions on the new website – I know it’s not quite there and still needs a bit of tweaking. :-)

So hopefully back to blogging with some more posts up here before long!

Image: Epic Fireworks