Crowdsourcing Week in Singapore promises to help catalyze the global potential of crowdsourcing


Epi Nekaj, the founder of crowdsourcing innovator Ludvik + Partners, first got in touch with me in early 2012 to discuss his plan to run a landmark global event focused on crowdsourcing.

On June 3-7 Crowdsourcing Week will be held in Singapore, bringing the Crowdsourcing Week team’s vision to fruition.

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The term crowdsourcing was coined in just 2006, crystallizing and communicating the already well-established ideas of creating value from diverse distributed talent.

In today’s connected world we can tap the power, talent, and energy of crowds as never before. That is in the process of transforming many aspects of business, society, and government.

However, while the many manifestations of crowdsourcing, notably crowdfunding, are among the most visible trends today, the extent of the potential is still far from being recognized and understood.

As such the real value I see in Crowdsourcing Week is in bringing to both existing and new audiences the potential and possibilities of tapping crowds. Singapore is a fantastic venue for a global conference of this nature, not least in drawing greater attention to these important ideas in the Asia Pacific.

I will be doing the keynote on the second day of the conference, on Connecting the Crowd: The Future of Creativity and Innovation.

I am very pleased to be on the board of advisors for Crowdsourcing Week, participating in an event which will push forward the value of crowdsourcing across industries, governments, countries, and regions.

You can register for Crowdsourcing week here. I hope to see you there!