4 important implications of us reaching Crunch Time


A little while ago we released our “Crunch Time” framework, looking at the 14 domains where we are hitting dramatic disruption, including work, money, privacy, government, education, media, climate and more. You can see the full Crunch Time framework on the Future Exploration Network website.

We have created a short video to introduce the concept of Crunch Time, and the four major implications that apply across the board.

In summary the four major implications are:


Given the pace of change, everyone from primary school students through to retirees must learn to understand these fundamental shifts. With the world of work being utterly transformed, only those who learn continuously will experience better opportunities tomorrow.


In every domain new ethical issues and quandaries are emerging. The job of ethicist will grow massively moving forward, yet we are all responsible for grappling with the new challenges and choices we have, individually and collectively.

Everyone a futurist

The role of thinking effectively about the future cannot be outsourced. Not just leaders in business, government, and society, but all of us must actively engage with the extraordinary challenges of the future, so we can act better today.

Action today

Crunch time is, most importantly, a call to action. Those who have already understood these fundamental shifts are on the front foot. Now the world will divide between those who choose to take action and those who ignore or deny change.