Web 2.0 in Australia drinks: 6 June Sydney


The Web 2.0 in Australia event is way overbooked. We’ve been turning away all requests for invitations for some time, including from senior executives from organizations such as Commonwealth Bank, Telstra, and the Federal Department of Finance, and from a whole host of very cool entrepreneurs who we would have just loved to have along. However our event space is limited to a 100-odd, so unfortunately it’s not possible this time.

We will, however, produce a stack of excellent video content from the event for free access, including the key presentations and panels, produced by the kind folks over at Metrix Digital, and one-minute interviews with most of the speakers and showcase presenters by One Minute World, a very interesting company focusing on one-minute video content for streaming and mobile devices. I’ll let you know on this blog as soon as the Web 2.0 video content is up.

In addition, the fantastic response to the event means that we will definitely be running some open events later this year. Probably a Web 2.0 showcase, an Enterprise 2.0 workshop, and perhaps a bigger event on where the web is going. I will ask here later what people are most interested in.

Anyway… because we’ve had to turn away so many people for the main event, and also to take advantage of Richard MacManus being in the country, we’ll have a Web 2.0 drinks on the evening of 6 June. Anyone’s welcome to turn up – there’ll be a cash bar.

Where: Casa Asturiana, 77 Liverpool Street, Sydney

When: 6 June, from 8pm

Who: Anyone interested in Web 2.0, especially those making it happen.

Pass on word if you want. Hope to see you there!

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  1. Des Walsh
    Des Walsh says:

    Having a plane to catch meant missing the drinks. Judging by the buzz at the day’s seminar I’m sure the drinks event would also have been great to attend. I feel privileged to have been at the seminar – especially with all those bankers being turned away :. It was so good to see the evidence of Australian and New Zealander creativity and entrepreneurship at work and playing globally. Congratulations on bringing all this together, Ross!

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