Vivid Sydney: Flexibility, diversity, and productivity at the heart of the future of work


Next week I am doing the keynote at a Vivid Sydney event titled The End of Nine to Five, organized by Gemini3, a job share matching technology company, in collaboration with EY Australia and Hermann International Asia.

I will be speaking on Creating the Future of Work, looking at the dramatically shifting landscape for work, the distinctive human capabilities that will drive value, and the resulting structure of work required to draw out the greatest growth and contribution for our teams. In the keynote I will share for the first time globally a new framework I have created on Humans in the Future of Work. I’ll share more on that here after the keynote.

Here are quotes from some of the other speakers to give a sense of what they will be covering:

“Successfully matched job share pairs will address triple bottom line for businesses including increased productivity, diversity and flexibility”
Sarah Liu, Co-founder of Gemini3

“The past is scattered with predictions of the future that failed to materialise. In general we are better at predicting trends rather than predicting the depth or timing of their impact and we are blind to the disruptors that are often the most profoundly influential”
Louise Rolland, Executive Director of Ernst & Young

“Different people think about the End of 9 to 5 in different ways. Some think of it as threatening, others think of it as liberating. Understanding and harnessing this difference is key to opening up new ways of working”
Michael Morgan, CEO of Hermann International Asia

It promises to be an excellent event! I’ll share more insights from my latest thinking on the future of work after the event.

Further details and registration for The End of Nine to Five here.