Video: Why professional services leaders need to think about the future


Leading up to the Client and Firms of the Future: How to Compete conference in Sydney on March 11 (which I discussed in a previous blog post), my co-organiser George Beaton and I have recorded a brief video to set the scene.

In the video we begin by addressing the question: Why do professional services leaders need to think about the future? and go on to discuss what to expect at the conference.

Points we make in the video include:

* Professional services is one of the most important industries on the planet, and its role and scope will continue to increase.

* In many ways for professional services firms, the future is already here in some form. Firms need to be acting now, otherwise it will be too late.

* Globalisation, new competitors, connected work, and artificial intelligence are among the forces dramatically shifting the professional services landscape.

* How clients buy and meet their needs for professional services may be very different from today, with many of these shifts already well in play.

* Digitisation, including the crowd and the cloud, enabled firms to compete in new ways across geographic domains.

Please share the video if you think professional services leaders in your network may be interested.

We already have excellent registrations for the conference in terms of both quality and quantity.

Having even more of the right people in the room will help us to engage the conversations and thought processes at the event that will shape the future of professional services.