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At this time of year it’s good to look back at the blog posts I’ve written and see what is most interesting. Some have got quite a lot of attention, other posts I liked got passed over.

Having looked through my blog posts, the most useful approach seems to be by topics. I’ll start with a list of six posts on Twitter and the media, including some embeds.

1. Twitter on ABC TV – the impact on politics, media and socializing

The post includes this ABC TV segment on Twitter, which includes interviews with myself and Mark Scott, Managing Director of ABC. Full analysis on the post.

2. How Twitter impacts media and journalism: Five Fundamental Factors

This post got a lot of traction. The Five Fundamental Factors are:

1. Twitter’s role in breaking news

2. The accuracy and verification of news on Twitter

3. The pressure for faster news and media

4. Editorial policies and reputation for accuracy

5. The symbiosis of mainstream media and Twitter

3. Event review: Twitter’s Impact on Media & Journalism

Review of event run by our events company The Insight Exchange.

4. Twitter and the ever-faster moving news landscape

Excerpt of quotes from me in Associated Press article titled Is Twitter the news outlet for the 21st century? – this article ended up in USA Today, New York Times, Miami Herald, and CBS News among many other outlets.

5. Who will provide the credibility ratings for the journalists of the planet?

On the slightly different but related topic of uncovering how credible journalists are.

6. Twitter’s impact on the news and media cycle

Commentary on visualizations of how Twitter changes the media cycle – the first image is below.