The role of BRIC in the future of global media


As I mentioned the other day, I am giving the keynote at Ketchum PR’s Global Media Network meeting in New York later this week. One of the themes of my keynote will be the increasing divergence in the structure of media markets around the world, which I will illustrate with my Newspaper Extinction Timeline.

Immediately after my keynote will be a panel on Breaking Through BRIC: Understanding These Influential Global Media Landscapes, which will look at what is happening in the media landscapes of Brazil, Russia, India, and China. Media industry experts from Ketchum’s offices in Brazil, Russia, and India will be on the panel, with Nicholas Scibetta, the Global Director of Ketchum’s Global Media Network as moderator. Since Ketchum’s China team is tied up with client work at home, I have been asked to step in to speak about the Chinese media market, since I have had a fair amount of exposure to this over the years.

I will take notes from the panel as I can and share them – this has to be one of the most fascinating topics of today.