The effective CIOs of the future will be internal and external entrepreneurs


As part of the recent Tomorrow-Ready CIO event series run by CIO Magazine and IBM, I was interviewed on the messages I shared in my keynote and the supporting Future of the CIO Framework. The brief video, available on CIO Magazine, is below.

Some of the points I make in the video are:

* One of the key capabilities of effective CIOs is an entrepreneurial mindset. Entrepreneurial activity accounts for an increasing proportion of economic activity. In a rapidly changing world CIOs need seize opportunies as they emerge, and where possible apply the lessons learned by the Lean Startup movement, in which development is done in extremely rapid evidence-based iterations.

* It is critical to engage – and often educate – senior executives on the role of technology and the emerging strategic possibilities.

* CIOs need to demonstrate that they can create superior value by facilitating better decisions, supporting organizational agility, building an extended enterprise, and applying insights about the future to organizational strategy.

* There is an increasing divergence in the technology role in organizations, with in some companies IT being marginalized as its value is not recognized, while in others technology moving to the very center of value creation. It is the responsibility of CIOs to show how technology can drive the future success of the organization.